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Celticove the on-line yarn store selling quality designer yarns & wools by Adriafil, Colinette, Debbie Bliss, Elle, GGH, Istex Lopi Icelandic wools, Noro, Opal, Rowan, RYC, South West Trading Company. We stock a comprehensive selection of pattern books and leaflets to accompany our yarns. New in are some superb kits from Elle Yarns, featuring jumpers, throws, scarves, socks, accessories etc.. These kits will give you a good range of choice for creating sock-style sweaters and blankets, knitted sweaters, socks, dresses or hats. This catalogue also has a variety of knitting patterns including Knit Stitch Patterns for beginners, including instructions for knitting, decreasing, changing ribbing and more. Our online knitting section also contains a wealth of tutorials from some of the finest knitting teachers to ensure you have everything you need to get started. To get up to speed with the latest techniques and tips you will find information on knitting knitting needles, needle width shaping, needle sizes, needle tension, the different ways of making stitches and many more. You are also likely to be able to contact a professional designer to explain the process of knitting without worrying about getting frustrated over a bad stitch. This information is free and simple to enter as long as your computer and internet connection function. Handmade in England. Please note these are not made for profit as I receive a small commission for every sale. All items are double knitted on one hand to ensure maximum durability. This pattern is available for free download through my Ravelry shop or you can join the PATTERNS!

Readers of Knitting Magazine (UK)

will recall several occasions when I have spoken to someone who is knitting. A person would usually say something like, 'Well that's pretty complicated…', 'I do it all in my head…', 'I don't know what I'm doing…', 'my hands are useless. I do everything in the dark…', 'I want to knitter, but I know that's not going to happen…'. It's the classic conversation and as someone who has never knitted before, I can attest to the difficulties of trying to describe any particular activity to people who otherwise may be completely absorbed, but can relate to my frustration. I am also a person with a keen interest in knitting, so many times I have been asked for tips and tricks which were never explained to me. It is important for readers not to be put off by these difficulties and to read the article. As it states, to get the most from those discussions, they should be about what's most important and not only what the expert says.

One article I have written for Knitting Magazine, called Understanding Knitting Skills, had quite a few readers who have found it helpful to delve into the topic. It took me a bit of research to narrow down a few key questions for them. First, does anyone know of 'The Knitter's Tool for Understanding Knitting Skills'? Second, does anyone know of a similar website or blog that has answered the concerns that people have? Third, has anyone ever looked into how much time we put into our projects, and has anyone answered this 'knit-to-measure, knitted' question?

I wrote an article for Knitting Magazine about these topics and asked a number of people within the knitting world (with a bit of practice) to assist me with them. As always, I don't claim to be an expert, but I hope the questions I posed are well answered and help readers better understand the techniques they use when they are knitting and why they use them. I hope these answers shed some light on the 'not-measure, knit' question by giving readers what they already know – that they are able to measure and know how much time they spend on each step of their knitting.

I hope reading that article in Knitting Magazine will help those who are already knitters or simply are looking to take up knitting. Or even more, Knitting Magazine's online knitting magazine. To quote author Julie Gower, "All great learning comes with a steep learning curve".

Please ensure you enter the coupon code quoted in our advert on page 67 of the May print issue to enjoy further savings of 15%. (Code can be entered either in the 'view cart' or 'checkout' screens).

Latest Stock Update - Wedding Dress Yarns!

If you've never bought a skein before, the quality of yarns is superb. They're not overly shiny; however, some are very brittle and if you hold them for long enough then they will shatter. As a result though, they are very useful as a wedding yarn. You can get a lot of different colours and textures if you have a generous stash of yarn, as some are more expensive than others depending on how often you have to wash them.

What makes a skein worth buying?

If you think about it, there are a small handful of people you'd want your children to join up with this year. And although they might be the least likely to want to be a part of a wedding, they definitely won't be getting anything at the cost of their own lives in life. A wedding dress in a colour scheme so diverse would be the most expensive of all the wedding gowns you could buy. Yet somehow the people selling those things think 'you have kids too, that means someone would want one of them'. I'd argue in my experience wedding dresses tend to be the least expensive part of marriage shopping. It's easier to sell the kids dresses than the baby ones! However the most expensive items to buy are probably the wedding gowns. There's no doubt a lot of stuff in them, like flower bouquets and lace trim. But if you're doing a wedding you probably don't take a pair of wedding dress shoes to be special gifts. A wedding dress should be the part of the wedding party that everybody will want to get, and even then, some people may not go through with it. This is because they're generally expensive to produce, and if you buy something expensive, it makes other people think it was bought as part of a celebration instead of for their wedding. You buy these shoes after everyone's already out for drinks; you buy them for the wedding party, and as an added bonus, you also get to give them to a fellow member of the same society of friends.

To give you an idea how expensive wedding dresses really are, this wedding dress used to cost $1,100 (£800) on average on Amazon, but today it is around $600! In 2014, the average cost of a single wedding dress was $1750 and today a single pair is around half those figures too! In comparison they're actually a lot cheaper now. Even though many wedding dresses (most notably the expensive ones for men and women)

Naturewolle, Black Forest yarns now in stock.

Black Forest yarns from Germany have arrived!. We are very excited at the arrival of Naturwolle, Black Forest yarns from Germany, these really are something special. Vibrant colours, subtle colours, colours for all tastes. 100% New wool absolutley fabulous! Register for e-sales updates to get prior notification before everyone else!

Icelandic Lett Lopi is here!

From Iceland Lett Lopi is 100% pure wool with a warmth as nature intended! It comes in nineteen fabulous shades, each one created by Iceland Lett Lopi with real Icelandic ingredients! There were actually thirteen shades offered which are so beautiful you really wouldn't believe it! A shade that you can touch, drink, and eat for hours on end. A shade you can wear on the beach or in the garden. A hue of golden brown to orange to light purple that never turns bright. One shade that makes a person smile for days. LOPI is handmade in Iceland with Icelandic leather. It was produced from local sheep. Each hide is individually hand washed and sealed in a custom-designed glass jar to protect the entire sheath.

When we first heard about Iceland Lett Lopi, we immediately started looking for a product they had on the market. The first shade was called 'Achilles', which is called for a high-spirited person. Our goal was to create a shade that's beautiful, functional, and feminine in nature. A shade for the beautiful person who wants to look beautiful all the time. We called this new shade, 'The Lady'. But Iceland Lett Lopi didn't stop there! Each shade created was inspired by the same idea of creating a shade that would reflect a certain color or scent. So each shade has a specific scent to it, a distinct combination of the two and a hint of each color mixed together. If there's a particular shade you would like, simply ask for it, and we will make it happen and make the shade you want.

New RYC Classic Book 3 "Holiday" now in stock....£5.50

New RYC Classic Book 3 "Holiday" now in stock

The RYC Classic Collection is a range of handknits that are designed to be a joy to knit and a pleasure to wear. Classic Holiday contains 16 designer garments and accessories by Martin Storey using RYC Cashsoft and Cashcotton DK and 4 Ply.
Designs include ponchos, wraps and throws that can be slipped on over swimwear or flung over your shoulders in the coolness of evening. Charming crochet bags complete the picture.

Colinette Yarn

Our entire stock of Colinette yarn has been discounted to allow room for new stock arriving daily.
We still have a limited amount of Giotto, Shimmer 5, Mohair, Prism, Skye and Zanziba but stock is now pretty thin on the ground so when it's gone........it's gone!

Handarbeit & Hobby Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany.

The Celticove team have now returned from the Handarbeit & Hobby Trade Fair, Cologne, Germany and we have seen some very impressive yarns from Iceland and Germany during our visit which we will soon be importing from Iceland (Lett Lopi) and The Black Forest Germany for your enjoyment. These new yarns should be in stock and available shortly.

Helen discusses next seasons new yarns and designs with Jane and Debbie at the recent Handarbeit and Hobby Fair in Cologne, Germany.

I've been thinking through the story of a new book I recently picked up – "The Lost and Found Trail" by Kate Brown, co-author of books including "Lost and Found." Kate Brown's book – published last year by HarperCollins – deals specifically with lost and found items in places like the Upper Midwest, but is more like the old "lost and stolen" tales of the early 20th century. She tells this of a lost horse, a lost pair of pants, a pair of pants, a pair of socks, a set of mittens, lost wedding rings, some jewelry, and more. She talks about "The Lost and Found Trail" and also offers a bit of historical background, which I think is both helpful and enlightening:

"I had a horse on the side of my road in northern Pennsylvania where I was walking a little bit one day and I happened to see a car passing the road, and my son said, 'Daddy, that's your mare on the left!' And I said, 'Oh, really? You know, she was my daughter's side of the family! And it was so cool!' And that's pretty much it. You kind of just get that experience of, 'Well, that's the one! So she is a great trail animal.' If it's a dog out there, it's still a dog. If it's a horse, it's still a horse – and it just doesn't matter if it's a dog or a horse."

As far as "lost and found" items go, this is by far one of the most fascinating, as Kate tells the tale of a horse and her dog running into each other in the woods where they were hunting deer. She calls them "stuck," and we can see their tracks as the two go about the job: "There they were in that wood, and he was getting ready to go, you know, up into their forest, so he decided to have a little walk and look around and see if he could find out if either one of them was out there somewhere. So he took a little bit of time going up into a hill and just sat there for another little while after. Then he went up, and a little while after he stopped, and he just started to go over along the edge and then he just got there when I saw him go up there, just because"

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