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Adriafil Baba
Adriafil Baba is a thick yarn and a burst of beautiful colours, light and dark effects and irregular construction are the beauty of this yarn and the reason for Adriafil's Baba yarn's big success. Take thick needles and your ideas to realise garments will come to you in no time at all!
Adriafil Explosion
Adriafil Explosion is one of the more attractive fancy solutions.
An extremely special and original yarn both in it's construction and in the mix of colours combined so harmoniously.
Adriafil Explosion is the ideal solution for many different hand knitting applications.
Adriafil Frou Frou
Adriafil 'Frou Frou' as its name suggests, is unusual, fancy, trendy. Clothes made up from this yarn surely won’t go unnoticed!
Knit with your imagination, using the five more sober and tranquil solid colours or the other fanciful printed five. You can use them separately or together alternating a solid and a multicolour one, what ever takes your fancy!
Adriafil Graphic
Adriafil Graphic is a lively yarn with movement, it is a printed aran weight bouclé characterised by cheerful colours.
A beautiul yarn which is perfect for all your sweaters and coats.
This yarn is fast becoming a favourite!
Adriafil Happy
Adriafil Happy is a fashionable thick yarn, very soft and warm. The lively colours inspire happiness.
With this yarn you can create great knitting projects easily and, above all, very quickly.
Adriafil Happy is made of pure wool for soft and very comfortable garments!
Adriafil Ice Cream
Adriafil Ice Cream is a new fancy yarn for babies and not so babies!
A gorgeous, lively soft wool yarn characterised by soft colours with a special fleck of interest!
Adriafil Mirage Multi DK
Adriafil Mirage Multicolour DK is a blended acrylic wool available in the following choice of delicate baby colours: light pink, sea green, light yellow, white and light blue.
Just the job for he new arrival!
Adriafil N.Z. Multicolour DK
Adriafil New Zealand Muilticolour DK adds a splash of colour. This DK weight yarn has a high percentage of wool content which makes for many uses for all the family. It can also be mixed with some of the fancier yarns to produce some very interesting and exciting projects.
Adriafil Ocean
Adriafil Ocean is a simple but very technical yarn. Ocean belongs to the Stretch family, the most demanded elastic yarn of all!
Adriafil Puff
Adriafil Puff has a stimulating look with a very soft and pleasant feel. Adriafil Puff is a technical yarn that exalts the features of comfort and softness. It is also very trendy with brilliant colours that are a big attraction in todays more demanding market place.
Adriafil Raffia
Adriafil Raffia suggests to you the evolution of the traditional raffia, a new begining....

Adriafil Raffia is a really new and fashionable fancy 'yarn', completely natural, it's perfect for exclusive bags, hats and belts too!
Adriafil Stars Multi
A new star arrives in Adriafil's sky with the introduction of Stars Multi. Printed multicoloured shades to leave you astonished and catch your precious attention!
Let us know if your are able to forgot this special and attractive crazy yarn!
Adriafil Set
Adriafil Set is one of the most beautiful yarns available. Set is made for those who want to astonish with sensational knitting without giving up elegance and comfort. It is a bouclè with big eyesets in soft pure wool. Set gives you an exclusive opportunity, you can just work it or knit it together with Adriafil Twin yarn to create great knitting effects. The mèlange shades of these two yarns are identical so you can create a sweater with Twin and use Set for the collar and the cuffs, what a great effect!
Adriafil Twin
Adriafil Twin is a soft and light moulinè yarn in refined shades. It is suitable for every kind of knitting, for men, women and children and what a price! Twin also gives you a further exclusive opportunity, you can work just withTwin yarn or you can knit it together with Set to create great knitting effects.The mèlange shades of these two yarns are identical so you can create a sweater with Twin and use Set for the collar and the cuffs, what a great effect!

Creativity is the idea of Adriafil Yarns of Italy. The capacity to create the yarns in an original way, following the fashion trends, but always respecting the rules of hand-knitting. Adriafil's experience offers beautifully attractive yarns for people who love hand-knitting and crochet. Creativity is not only to obtain the look, but also the capacity to chose the best resources in order to obtain the wanted effect. Creativity to satisfy and charm, soft and pleasant. Adriafil creativity is quality without compromises...............
Online Catalogue:Yarns:Adriafil Yarns

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