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GGH Yarns Stars

The twinkling of stars.......

Dots of glitter and glimmer scattered throughout a multi-coloured ribbon yarn, GGH Stars is an attractive lurex type yarn which comes in a range of pretty variagated colours, fabulous as an accent yarn when mixed with others.
GGH Yarns Aspen
Aspen is one of the new high-tech volume yarns. Lightness of weight coupled with extra volume ensure comfort of wear. The fine Merino wool and the high-quality of the voluminous acrylic fibers ensure a it's a dream to touch with an incredible clarity of the stitches. This yarn maintains its shape extremely well and shows little tendency to stretch in length.
GGH Yarns Savanna
A super soft alpaca-linen blend in wick look. The loose assembly of the alpaca-linen blend in the polyamide net can be worked on 6-8 mm needles. By incorporating this into the invisible polyester net, the disadvantages of wick yarn can be avoided. The shadings are the result of the linen blend, which allow the production of really beautiful fashionable colors.
GGH Yarns Oriental
A super light decorative ribbon yarn in white, printed with gold and silver, or multicolor and gold print. Treat yourself to some 'Oriental' accessories, or simply knit yourself something for the next party season!
GGH Yarns Apart
Apart is a faux fur yarn and also our particular favorite. Its elegant appearance and those radiant colours draw everyone's attention to it. Apart can be used to make up knitted highlights, accessories, colours, scarfs, as well as the latest knit designs.
A yarn for those glamorous days of the year!
GGH Yarns Gracia
Gracia is an extremely graceful, super soft, super fluffy yarn with discreet black and silver nubs.
A micro fibre yarn with a long mohair effect, yet as comfy to wear as micro fibre yarn. If you can't wear mohair directly next to your skin, this is the best alternative, both for the appearance and the softness.
GGH Yarns Intension
A yarn full of power and excitement, a super sheen ribbon with a flair of Chenil.
GGH Intensions yarn comes in the most fantastic of color prints. You can work it up loosely, or quite firmly. Each method produces its own unique appearance.
GGH Yarns Amelie
GGH Amelie feels like angora, knits up like angora, looks like angora, but doesn't moult like angora. A super soft and extra volume micro fiber yarn with just a touch of angora!

Online Catalogue:Yarns:GGH Yarns

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